NFINgb Nothobranchius furzeri Genome Browser  

The Nothobranchius furzeri Information Network Genome Browser (NFINgb) provides access to the latest genome assembly and annotation of the short-lived teleost fish Nothobranchius furzeri generated by the Genome Analysis group of the Leibniz Institute on Aging - Fritz Lipmann Institute.

The following genome assemblies are currently maintained in NFINgb:

AssemblyAccessionSequencesTotal lengthN50Access
GRZ Assembly (05/2015)PRJEB5837 (NCBI, ENA)*5,8961.24Gb57.3MbClick here

* Note: The assembly there is named "Nfu_20140520" but is identical with the version listed here (05/2015)


Genome sequence, gene and repeat annotation and variation are available for download:

GRZ Assembly (05/2015)

Genome sequence, with repeats masked softmasked FASTA, hardmasked FASTA
Protein sequences (gene models 22.09.2015; 59,154 sequences) FASTA
Protein-coding transcript sequences (gene models 22.09.2015; 59,154 sequences) FASTA
CDS sequences (gene models 22.09.2015; 59,154 sequences) FASTA
The repeat library used for masking the genome assembly FASTA
Independent PacBio BAC assemblies of X and Y allels at the sex determining region (see Supplemental Data S1I) FASTA
Dispersed repeats, identified by RepeatMasker GFF3, ALIGN
Tandem repeats, identified by TandemRepeatsFinder GFF3
Models of protein-coding, miRNA and non-protein-coding genes (22.09.2015; 27,552 genes) GFF3
Models of protein-coding and miRNA genes (22.09.2015; 26,739 genes) GFF3, GTF
Models of protein-coding genes, subset (30.06.2014; 26,141 genes) GFF3, GTF
Models of protein-coding genes, subset (22.04.2014; 23,546 genes) GFF3, GTF
Noncoding elements conserved in N. furzeri, medaka, platyfish, stickleback, tetraodon and zebrafish GFF3
Micro RNA annotation* (Update 18.11.2019: Track integrated into the browser. Cross reference to mirBase not yet established.) GFF3
Noncoding RNA annotation* (Update 19.11.2019: Track integrated into the browser.) GFF3
Tab-separated table of protein-coding gene models (22.09.2015) CSV
Gene Ontology ids and terms for protein-coding gene models (22.09.2015) CSV
Models of genes predicted at NCBI/RefSeq (Integration on 21.11.2019) GFF3
Variation and genotypes in GRZ VCF
Variation and genotypes in MZM-0410 VCF
Variation and genotypes in MZM-0403 VCF
Variation and genotypes in MZZW-0701 VCF


Please cite the following publication if you use data from this browser:
Reichwald, K, et al.: Insights into Sex Chromosome Evolution and Aging from the Genome of a Short-Lived Fish, Cell, Volume 163, Issue 6, 3 December 2015, Pages 1527-1538, ISSN 0092-8674, doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2015.10.071.

*If you refer to the microRNA or non-codingRNA tracks please cite the following publication:
Baumgart, M, et al.: A miRNA catalogue and ncRNA annotation of the short-living fish Nothobranchius furzeri, BMC Genomics, 2017, 18:693, doi: 10.1186/s12864-017-3951-8.

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How to retrieve the sequence of a particular genomic region using the N. furzeri genome browser: PDF
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